“Yet Another Beginning; Of Education and Endurance”

So here I am, back again. Today is a Saturday and I guess you don’t wanna miss out on this. Leave alone the ongoing political upheaval here and there-  from August poll, brutal killings of the poll protests, Supreme Court petition to then, the fresh poll process amidst the looming political atmosphere. In fact this reminds me of some of the most hilarious memes which have been doing around the internet; famously coined by our highly esteemed clients of the inter web. A little recap-“Canaan” was one of the August most rated all-time memes that rocked the web. No. I suppose we are still in Jericho. But that aside. Lord knows.

The fifth alphabet. You know. This definitely is what has been boiling from the kitchen all along. Like a mzungu with her pet, probably I’m in love with this letter that I had to pen down something about this. Buh Look! Before you can take me on, listen. Lend me your attention. And bet with me you would want to read in between each and every line, word by word and a paragraph after another.Endurance-Page

Just the other day, a friend of a friend of mine -(Lord knows whether I’m right) and I were arguing about what makes the latter a special one amongst the specials. Supposedly, if I were to throw the same question to you, what would be your take? Come to think of it. How many words do you know that starts with this letter? Or rather what specific circumstances would you best brand with such “vocabularies”? Well, at least we’re now, if not, in the same boat.

Perhaps a few of you might have noticed my absence on this page several months ago. Not because I went missing-Not even in exile. I will tell you what I told some folks who pondered me with the same question (on my whereabouts): a ‘leave’ wouldn’t do any harm. For once I concur with Darwesh. Not because she is famous. No. I just agree with her assertion: the funny thing about living in the real world with all its freedom and ways is that whatever it is you do, once in a while you find yourself stuck. Perhaps her statements define my leave.

So, with the leave, I found myself stuck with this research of the ‘E’ alphabet. Ideally it amazes me. Gone are the halcyon days of the kindergarten era. It’s a new era that I supposedly picked up my own version- Endurance, Education, and so on and so forth. Now you know.oketcherickk

Endurance begins with ‘E’. The bottom line is, we all have to endure under certain circumstances in order for us to achieve best in future. It is fairly a connotation of investing. Education on the other hand, according to my oxford dictionary app, is said to be the process of imparting knowledge skills and attitudes. As such we say education is power, as famously put forward by educators. Yes. It is power. It is the key. The key to success.

Well, in a nut shell, we all need to learn the aspect of endurance even as we go through the education process. Like they say, life itself educates. And so does endurance!